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  • 2/12/2017: The February 2017 publications were sent to the printers onthe 17th, expect delivery by mid-March. The table of contents for the February 2017 Coast Defense Journal (Vol 31, Issue 1) has been posted on the Journal Contents page and a downloadable version of the February 2017 newsletter has been posted on the newsletter page.
  • 1/19/2017: Posted new updated  2017 New York Conference registration forms on the NY Meeting Webpage. The details for upcoming CDSG Annual Conference March 28 to April 2, 2016 and the pre- (March 26-28) and post- (April 2-3) conference tours in New York are on the CDSG Events Page. Click the meeting link on the meeting page for the details!
  • 1/1/2017: Updated the Reference Guide list of forts and batteries with model numbers for guns and carriages. See download page to get the new revision.
  • 4/10/2016: Posted updated CDSG conference and Tour attendance list for 2016 on the CDSG download page.
  •  10/31/2015: Updated CDSG Site Representative Reports with a update on Fort Howard, Maryland. Plans are moving forward to preserve and interpret this post, currently a county park. Updated CDSG Site Representative Reports with a update on Fort Emory, CA. The Navy is going ahead with plans to demolish Battery 134 to make room for their new SEAL training facility. See the Site visit report for all the details!
  • 6/23/2015: The  NEW 3rd Edition of American Seacoast Defenses, a Reference Guide (ASD3) shipped from the printers! The 3rd Edition features several revised sections, new pictures. It is available BOTH as a hardcover printed book and as an electronic PDF file. The hard cover edition of ASD3 is available for order on the website. Contact Mark Berhow at for details on the PDF version.
  • The CDSG ePress offers the complete harbor defense electronic document collection on 10 DVDs for a discount price of $250 see the details at the CDSG ePress page.