American Seacoast Defenses

Forts, Military Reservations and Batteries 1794-1945



Printable list of First, Second and Third System Forts e (123list.pdf)
Printable list of Modern (1890-1945) Defenses, (NEW revised January 2017)
Army Map Symbol Key (symbols.pdf)

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Maps available for download

MAPS: A set of PDF files of Army maps for the 1920s & 1930s are linked to each Harbor Defense listing. Click the links to download. All maps and drawings on this site came from copies of materials in the holdings of the National Archives of the United States. Keys to the identification of the symbols may be downloaded here: Map Symbol Key.

Follow the links on the pages for more information on the harbor defenses from CDSG, FortWiki, and other websites

First & Second System Forts (1794-1812) (online html fort list)

Third System Forts (1820-1867) (online html fort list)

1870-75 construction program (online location list)

Modern Era Harbor Defense Locations (1890-1945) Please note the MOST ACCURATE fort and battery list is the downloadable PDF file!!!

US North Atlantic Coast (online html fort & battery list)

US Mid Atlantic Coast (online html fort & battery list)

US South Atlantic Coast (online html fort & battery list)

US Gulf Coast (online html fort & battery list)

US Pacific Coast (online html fort & battery list)

Hawaii (online html fort & battery list)

Manila & Subic Bay, the Philippines (online html fort & battery list)

Panama Canal Zone (online html fort & battery list )

Alaska (online html fort & battery list)

Other Atlantic & Caribbean defenses (online html fort & battery list)