The CDSG Fund and the CDSG Website

Terrance McGovern, Glen Williford, and Mark Berhow, Trustees

The CDSG Fund supports the efforts of the Coast Defense Study Group, Inc., by raising funds to support preservation and interpretation efforts concerning seacoast defenses around the United States.

Website Support

One of the main interpretive efforts of the CDSG is the maintenance of this website. The CDSG Fund requests that users of material on this website support it by making a donation to help cover the expense required to keep the web site up and running. If you are using the information provided on this site, please help! If you download PDF files from us, please help the CDSG continue to maintain this site by donating a shareware fee. The suggested fees are noted next to each PDF document. We suggest a minimum donation of $5.00. Thank you for supporting the CDSG web site!

General Donations

The CDSG Fund is also seeking donations for preservation projects around the United States consistent with the goals of the CDSG. Donations are tax-deductible for federal tax purposes, and 100% of your gift will go toward the project selected. The CDSG Fund will acknowledge your gift and keep you informed on the status of its projects. Make checks or money orders payable in US funds to The CDSG Fund.

Apply for Grants for Restoration and Interpretation Projects

The CDSG Fund is always seeking proposals for the monetary support of preservation and interpretation projects at public parks and museums. A one page proposal briefly describing the site, the organization doing the work, the project to be done or supported, and how the money would be used, should be sent to the trustee listed below. Successful proposals, usually one to two per year, are typically funded at $500 or more. Upon conclusion of project, or the year in which funding was received, a short report suitable for publication in our newsletter is requested.

Send all donations and proposals to:

The CDSG Fund
Alan Hardey
1577 Braeburn Road
Altadena, CA 91001-2603 USA