Occasionally members have various works they are offering to sell. These are NOT one time, single copy items, but are a set of publications or reprints that are offered to the membership of the CDSG. These offers are often included in the CDSG publications, and are posted here as well. For ordering information, click on the link.

Special Historic Philippine Coast Artillery Photo Collection Offer

This is a selection of 200 quality scanned photos from the collection of Coast Artillery officer Riley E. McGarraugh. This officer served two duty assignments in the Harbor Defenses of Manila Bay. He took hundreds of photos of the defense. This is a selection of some of the best. [...]

Redoubt Press Offerings

A limited number of copies of FORT 2011, the UK-based Fortress Study Group’s Annual Journal, are available from Redoubt Press, along with copies of other FORT annuals (2003-2009). Osprey Publishing presents the Fortress series featuring three books by CDSG members. American Defenses of Corregidor and Manila Bay 1898-1945 (Fortress 4) [...]


WW 2 and the U.S. ARMY MOBILIZATION PROGRAM: A History of the 700 and 800 Series Cantonment Construction including Historic American Building Survey documentation for Camp Edwards,MA and Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. 552 pages, 82 illustrations, 152 pages of building drawings. This is a history of the World War Two Temporary [...]

Guardian of the Sound

Guardian of the Sound: A Pictorial History of Fort H.G. Wright Fishers Island, New York by Pierce Rafferty and John Wilton. The above web site has PDF files of some of the text and a few examples of the excellent collection of pictures in this book, plus ordering information. U.S. [...]

CDSG Fund and CDSG Press Offers

Donate a Copy of the First Edition of American Seacoast Defenses and Historic Fortification Preservation Handbook The CDSG Fund and CDSG Press is pleased to announce a joint plan to encourage our members to recommend owners and their staffs that deal with the “care and feeding” of former U.S. [...]