CDSG Publications produces two quarterly publications – the CDSG Newsletter and the Coast Defense Journal – the CDSG Newsletter provides current news and short reports on CDSG’s activities and on fortifications and coast artillery, while the Coast Defense Journal contains articles on the history of coast defenses/fortifications, as well as book reviews.

The CDSG Press and CDSG ePress makes available a number of important historical documents, reports, manuals, and articles on the seacoast fortifications of the United States of America.  The CDSG ePress provides digitized National Archives documents along with other materials on the harbor defenses of the United States Army. This includes a collection of historical documentation on the harbor defense structures: batteries, fire control, mine support, searchlights, garrison buildings etc., built at the various harbor locations. The CDSG is offering three CDSG ePress collections: the CDSG Documents Collection, the CDSG Harbor Defense Collection, and the CDSG Publications Collection.

The CDSG Downloads are a small collection of key documents that range from CDSG Membership materials to a few coast artillery documents.

The CDSG Special Offers are a collection of publications for sale by CDSG members on coast defense subjects.  Order these publications directly from CDSG members and others.

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