A limited number of copies of FORT 2011, the UK-based Fortress Study Group’s Annual Journal, are available from Redoubt Press, along with copies of other FORT annuals (2003-2009).

Osprey Publishing presents the Fortress series featuring three books by CDSG members.
American Defenses of Corregidor and Manila Bay 1898-1945 (Fortress 4) By Terrance McGovern and Mark Berhow,
Defenses of Pearl Harbor and Oahu 1907-1950 (Fortress 8) by Terrance McGovern and Glen Williford
American Coastal Defenses 1885-1950 by Terrance McGovern and Bolling W. Smith.

The American Defences of the Panama Canal By Terrance McGovern, from the Redoubt Press.

The Concrete Battleship; Fort Drum, El Fraile Island, Manila Bay, by Francis J. Allen, (Pictorial Histories Publishing Co), from the Redoubt Press

The Chesapeake Bay at War! – The Coastal Defenses of Chesapeake Bay During World War Two By Terrance McGovern, from Three Sisters Press