Projects & Website

CDSG projects that started out in this committee

Projects and Website Committee is tasked with handling evaluating and managing new projects for the CDSG Board as well as maintaining (webmaster) for the CDSG.ORG website. The committee’s mission is to:

  • Forward project proposals to the Board of Directors with recommendations.
  • Assist coordination and oversight of efforts on projects
  • Keep the membership informed on project status.
  • Oversee and maintain the CDSG’s website.

The committee’s processes are:

  1. Developing/soliciting ideas for project proposals (which involves looking for volunteers and sketching out the means to raise the funds to carry these project out).
  2. CDSG E-Press and CDSG Gear – T-shirts

    Recruit volunteers to work on a proposed project and prepare a budget.

  3. Proposing the projects to the Board through short written proposals.
  4. Keep the Board and membership informed on the project’s progress by reports through the quarterly journal.

If you have a proposal for a CDSG project or want to volunteer to work on existing projects or assist in the management of the CDSG website, please contact the Project & Website Committee Chair, Mark Berhow, at