Seacoast Artillery Weapons (Technical Manual 9-210, 13 Oct. 1944) by the War Department, CDSG Press hard cover reprint of technical manual on the principal types of US Army coast artillery used in WWII.


This technical manual covers the weapons and the basic principles employed in the operation of seacoast artillery used during the WW II period.It is profusely illustrated with photographs and illustrations of the weapons and their supporting systems. An excellent resource book for those interested in the WW II-era seacoast artillery weapons: the 16-inch, 12-inch, 8-inch, and 6-inch long range barbette mounts, the M1900 6-inch, the M1902 and M1903 3-inch, the 90 mm antimotor torpedo boat weapons, and the 155 mm tractor-drawn guns.


Chapter 1 – General
Chapter 2 – Cannon
Section I – Tubes
Section II – Breechblocks
Section III – Firing Mechanisms
Chapter 3 – Recoiland Counterrecoil Mechanisms
Chapter 4 – Carriages
Section I – General
Section II – Fixed Carriages
Section III – Motor-Drawn Carriages
Section IV – Railway Artillery Carriages
Chapter 5 – Searchlights
Chapter 6 – Demolition of Material
Appendix – Chart of Characteristics of Seacoast Artillery Weapons