USB drive includes scanned copies of a variety of archival material for $50.00

The CDSG Document Collection contains the Annual Reports of the Chief of Coast Artillery (1901-1937); the Annual Reports of the Chief of Engineers (1866-1922); Army Directories (1893-1940); various official board reports (1886-1946); Board of Engineers Proceedings (1887-1905); several textbooks; a number of coast artillery reports; coast artillery war-game manuals; coast artillery Tables of Organization and Equipment (TOEs), The Histories of the Eastern, Southern, and Western Defense Commands (1945); army coast artillery field and training manuals (FMs  & TMs); the gun and carriage record cards; coast artillery related Ordnance Department Documents (ODDs); coast artillery army Training Manuals; coast artillery army Training Regulations (1905-1930); coast artillery army unit history record cards and documents; the Office of the Chief of Engineers Engineer Board Mimeograph series (1895 -1923); and various other documents. This collection is available on a 16 GB USB drive for $50.

    • Army Extension Course, Special Text No. 39, The Harbor Defense Command, 1939 Edition
    • Army Extension Course, Special Text No. 27, Coast Artillery Ammunition, 1935 Edition
    • War Department, Coast Artillery Drill Regulations, US Army, 1914, 228 pages
    • War Department, Coast Artillery Material Drill & Target Practice, fourth revision, 1917
    • War Department, Manual for Submarine Mining, Edition of 1912, 150 pages
    • Seacoast & Harbor Defense Carriage Descriptions (1920s?)
    • Mobile Carriage Descriptions (1920s?)
    • Damage Tables Seacoast Artillery against Naval Targets, 1942
    • Training Regulations Coast Artillery Corps (1920s)
    • Field Manuals 1940s Coast Artillery
    • Ordnance Department Documents (Instructions for mounting, using and caring for)
    • Training Manuals (1940s)