Preservation & Interpretation

Battery Gunnison’s 6-inch gun with AGFA gun crew

The Preservation and Interpretation Committee is charged with focusing CDSG’s efforts in preservation and assisting other organizations in preserving and interpretation important coast defense sites and artifacts. The committee’s missions are:

  • This committee is the focal point for members to pass information on threats to coast defense sites, to seek support from the CDSG in their efforts to preserve a site.
  • The committee will insure that preservation issues will be fully considered and presented to the Board before any official CDSG position is taken.
  • The committee will also provide assistance or information to other organizations seeking to restore and interpret coast defense sites.
  • The committee also represents the CDSG as a consulting party under the federally mandated Section 106 process.

The committees ongoing activities are:

  • The committee shall make reports to the membership on its activities and efforts at the Annual Business Meeting and in the quarterly CDSG newsletter.
  • Battery Chamberlin’s 6-inch DC with CDSG gun crew

    The committee will communicate the official position of the CDSG and its Board on preservation and interpretation issues to site owner and other interested parties.

  • The committee will keep a list of current preservation efforts and seek to assist those efforts.
  • The committee will establish a database of coast defense sites and their current owners. This database will be used to educate the owners of the value of preserving the coast defense structures and artifacts.

The committee hears every year about one or more site issues that they then never hear any follow-up on. The committee chairman would strongly encourage anyone who reads about such an issue, and who knows what the resolution of that issue was, to please let the committee chairman know so we can take action. The committee also works with the CDSG Fund to provide financial help with preservation and interpretation projects. If you have a preservation issue or question, or for further information on any of the items I have mentioned, contact the Preservation Committee Chair, Gordon Bliss, at

Preservation Efforts at Fort Adams

Vegetation removal is an important part of preservation. Besides making it easier to view and appreciate the structures, it is important because long term unchecked vegetation can cause damage to the structures. Volunteer efforts can make a big difference in this, particularly where tight budgets limit what can be spent by the part a fort or structure is in. At Fort Adams a volunteer group meets on a semi-regular basis to work on vegetation removal. Click the link to download a document that shows a set of before and after views of vegetation clearing at Battery Bankhead/1870s battery and the advanced redoubt at Fort Adams: Vegetation clearing at Fort Adams

Seacoast Defense Preservation Manuals

Two significant Seacoast Defense Fortification Preservation Manuals have been published by The National Park Service and Washington State Parks Commission. PDF version of these manuals are available for download here.

Historic Preservation Fortification Handbook (Washington State 2003)

Seacoast Fortifications Preservation Manual (Golden Gate Nat. Rec. Area, 1999)

CDSG Most-Endangered and Best-Preserved Sites Lists

The CDSG has assembled lists of the American seacoast defense sites that are being threatened with destruction by neglect or development as well as sites where preservation efforts have been highly successful. We plan on updating these lists periodically. Please click the links below to download the illustrated lists.

Most Endangered Coast Defense Sites

Outstanding Preserved Coast Defense Sites