HISTORY OF THE 700 AND 800 SERIES CANTONMENT CONSTRUCTION CD ROM: WW 2 and the U.S. ARMY MOBILIZATION PROGRAM: A History of the 700 and 800 Series Cantonment Construction including Historic American Building Survey documentation for Camp Edwards,MA and Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. 552 pages, 82 illustrations, 152 pages of building drawings. This is a history of the World War Two Temporary Buildings built by the Quartermaster Corps. Barracks, Mess Halls, Storehouses, Motor Sheds and all the other temporary buildings put up at US Army Posts all over the United States. This is a PDF format CD-Rom. 25.00 postage paid. Contact by email: ARMYJUNK@aol.com.

REPORT ON WAR DAMAGE TO THE HARBOR DEFENSES OF MANILA AND SUBIC BAYS, 6 OCTOBER 1945 (The Case Board Report) This CD contains the complete 102 page text of the report (formatted as close as possible to the original) along with the scanned version of the 77 photographs and an index to all of these photos which are captioned and explained in the text. The CD also includes 104 Quartermaster Corps cantonment (building) photographs with an index. The CD is available for $25.00 (price includes domestic postage) Contact by email: ARMYJUNK@aol.com.

THE FORTIFICATIONS OF THE PANAMA CANAL by Hugh H. Gardner and Norman T. Carpenter, Historical Branch, Headquarters, United States Army Forces Southern Command, 1 April 1965.121 pages with photos and maps. A PDF file prepared from an original copy obtained in March 1970 while Bill Cole was on duty with the 4th Bn. (AW-SP), 517th Artillery at Fort Clayton in the Panama Canal Zone. The transcription is formatted as close as possible to the original. The CD ROM can be obtained for $14.00 (price includes domestic priority mail) from:

William Cole
107 Charles Street
North Cape May, NJ