US Coast Defense Fortifications (Based on sites provided with appropriations)

Some of the best surviving examples of the 1870s fortifications are at Fort Wadsworth in New York City, Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Fort Pulaski near Savannah, and Battery Cavallo at Fort Baker in San Francisco. Note:  Many of these “fort” or location names were not in use in the 1870s, but are later, mostly Endicott names. They are used because they will be familiar to the reader and serve as an aid to help place and locate the sites today.
Eighteen Ports Received Some Funding, and at these ports, forty-five Military Reservations/Sites Received Some Funding: 
  • Portsmouth – Fort Foster, Fort Stark
  • Boston – Fort Winthrop
  • New York – Fort Columbus, Fort Wood, Fort Hamilton
  • Baltimore – Lazaretto Point
  • Key West – Fort Taylor
  • San Diego – Fort Rosecrans
  • San Francisco – Alcatraz Island, Yellow Bluff
  • Portland – FortWilliams, Fort Preble
  • Boston – Ft. Independence, Fort Strong, Fort Warren
  • Newport – Fort Adams, Fort Greble
  • New London – Fort Trumbull*
  • New York – Fort Schuyler, Fort Totten
  • Delaware River – Fort Delaware, Fort Mott, Fort Dupont
  • Washington, DC – Fort Washington
  • Hampton Roads – Fort Monroe
  • Charleston – Fort Sumter
  • Pensacola – Fort Pickens
  • Mobile – Fort Morgan
  • New Orleans – Fort St. Philip
  • San Francisco – Gravelly Beach (Marin headlands)
  • Portland – Fort Gorges, Fort Scammell
  • New York – Fort Wadsworth
  • Delaware River – Fort Mifflin
  • Baltimore – Fort McHenry
  • Washington, DC – Fort Foote
  • Charleston – Fort Moultrie**
  • Savannah – Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski
  • Key West – Fort Jefferson
  • New Orleans – Fort Jackson, LA
  • San Francisco – Fort W. Scott, Lime Point, Cavallo Point

*Fort Trumbull’s battery  mostly rebuilt for display purposes.

**Fort Moultrie’s battery is a restored/reconstructed battery, but historically accurate.