Harbor Defenses of the Columbia River


Fort Stevens (Point Adams, Hammond, OR) (1863-1947)
Fort Canby (Cape Disappointment, Ilwaco, WA) (1863-1947)
Fort Columbia (Scarborough Point, Chinook, WA) (1897-1947)

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Units Stationed at the Harbor Defense of the Columbia

Units and Operational History of Harbor Defenses of the Columbia

Columbia River Harbor Defense Reference materials

Copies of documents from the National Archives in PDF format. Click links to download

Local HD Board Proceedings 1942

Supplement to HD Columbia River Project 1944/1945

Aerial Photographs of the Columbia Defenses (from National Archives)

Aerial HDCR Photo Collection (Zip file, caution Large file 336 MB, must unzip to view JPGs)

Reports of Completed Batteries/Completed Works

RCBs For Columbia River Defenses
RCWs For Fort Columbia
RCWs for Fort Canby
RCWs for Fort Stevens

Battery Construction Correspondence Files

Batteries Allen & O’Flyng

Battery Smur

Engineer Notebook 1900-1920s

Engineer Notebook HD Columbia River

Inspection Reports, 1922-1941

Inspection Reports HDCR

Quartermaster Building Records 1900-1941

Quartermaster Building Records For Fort Columbia
Quartermaster Building Records for Fort Canby
Quartermaster Building Records for Fort Stevens