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Fort Columbia State Park 2008.

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The Coast Defense Study Group (CDSG) promotes the study, preservation, and accurate interpretation of coast defenses and fortifications, primarily those of the United States of America.  Although CDSG does not own or manage coast defense sites, it accomplishes its goals by outreach to site owners and managers to assist with preservation and interpretation.

Assistance that CDSG can provide includes:

  • Providing accurate information about the site.
  • Assisting with the preparation of interpretive displays.
  • Advising on preservation of fortifications, related structures, and artifacts.
  • Contributing to the funding of preservation and interpretation projects.

If you want to volunteer as a CDSG representative for a site or sites, please contact us! Details on gathering information for the CDSG from sites and providing information from the CDSG for sites is in the linked pages above. Information on American seacoast defense history is available throughout the CDSG website. If you have any questions about the site representative program, please contact:

Providing information on Preservation and Restoration to Sites

Over the past several years owners of former seacoast fortification sites have reached out to the Coast Defense Study Group (, especially our CDSG Representatives, seeking advice on actions they can take to stabilize and preserve the former fortification structures which they own or control.  The CDSG has guide books (produced by NPS and Washington State Parks) that provide detailed instructions on how best to preserve and restore fortification structures from the masonry era to the reinforced concrete period.  To help site owners with limited resources focus on a few key actions to undertake on a regular basis we have summarized guidelines for them below. Please share this advice with your site owners in your local area or when you are visiting these former fortifications.  If these actions are not undertaken on a regular basis these structures will become ruins and eventually disappear.

CDSG Fortification Preservation Guidelines (PDF)

The Preservation Handbooks:

Historic Preservation Fortification Handbook (Washington State 2003)

Seacoast Fortifications Preservation Manual (Golden Gate Nat. Rec. Area, 1999)