Fort Columbia State Park 2008.

We need volunteers to serve on this committee and look for other members to keep in regular contact about the various sites around the United States.

It would be great if every CDGS member would help  by writing a report, short or long, when you visit an old coast defense location.

What we need are regular contact with former coast defense sites to keep the CDSG informed as to what is going on, and let the staff and volunteers at these sites know about the CDSG. What is important is that the CDSG keeps a continuous flow of information about the sites coming in to the CDSG. We think this will help both the sites and our membership. As most every park and historic site is invariability short on funds, a useful “lever” would be to make the site management aware that the CDSG may have funds available for projects at their site. Obviously, only the CDSG Board can make any commitment of funds, but we will need help for them prepare a proposal.

These important pieces of American history must be protected from neglect and destruction and that is often an uphill battle. That is why it is important that every fort have its champion — a CDSG member who will keep in regular contact with the owners, managers, rangers, and historians who control the fort’s fate.

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