CDSG Press Book Reprints

Notes on Seacoast Fortification Construction

By Col. Eben E. Winslow

originally published in 1920

reprinted by the CDSG Press, Bel Air, MD 1994 (428-pages, hard-cover).

Winslow’s book is the most comprehensive reference work on the construction techniques and gun emplacement details of Endicott and Taft period seacoast fortifications. The 29 drawings that accompanied the original monograph have been slightly reduced and are bound together as a separate soft cover volume.


Chapter I – Historical
Chapter II – Administration
Chapter III – Armor and Armament
Chapter IV- Material Used in Emplacement Construction
Chapter V- Ammuntion Supply, Storage and Service
Chapter VI – Batteries and Emplacements General Design
Chapter VII – Emplacement Details
Chapter VIII – Mortar Batteries
Chapter IX – Dryness, Heating and Ventilation
Chapter X – Blast Effects
Chapter XI – Uses of Electricity in Fortifications
Chapter XII – Fire Control
Chapter XIII – Night Illumination of Battlefields
Chapter XI – Submarine Mining
Chapter XII – Summary