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The CDSG publishes two periodicals, the Coast Defense Journal and the CDSG Newsletter. Original articles and source documents on aspects of military coastal or harbor defenses are published in the Journal; the Newsletter has organizational news and business, and items of a more timely nature. Past volumes are for sale from the CDSG Press. Click links below to access article content listing. The pages are searchable with a web browsers “FIND” command.

The Coast Defense Study Group News Volumes 1-5: See index below

CDSG News Volumes 6-8 articles are listed by volume & issue; page number precedes title of article; author(s) listed after their article.

In 1993 the CDSG News was renamed the CDSG Journal beginning with Volume 7.

In 1995 the CDSG Journal was split into two publications with Volume 9: The CDSG Journal and the CDSG Newsletter. Only the CDSG Journal contents are noted here. The articles in Volume 9 on are listed by volume & issue; page number follows the title of article; author(s) are listed under their article.

In 2000 the CDSG Journal was renamed the Coast Defense Journal (CDJ).

Coast Defense Journal  Volume 31 is being published in 2017.

Index to CDSG News Volumes 1 – 5, prepared in 1992 by Robert D. Zink

Table of Contents for:

CDSG News Volume 6, CDSG Journal Volumes 7 – 14, CD Journal Volume 15 – 31

Index to Bob Zink’s “Forts of Wherever” Series published in the CDSG News & Journal