Donate a Copy of the First Edition of American Seacoast Defenses and Historic Fortification Preservation Handbook

The CDSG Fund and CDSG Press is pleased to announce a joint plan to encourage our members to recommend owners and their staffs that deal with the “care and feeding” of former U.S. coast defense sites that would benefit by receiving a complimentary (Free!!!) copy of the first edition  of American Seacoast Defenses: A Reference Guide – edited by Mark Berhow and a copy of the unique Historic Fortification Preservation Handbook – developed by the Washington Sate Parks & Recreation Commission.  Prepared by the Pacific Northwest Preservation Partnership, this handbook is one of the most thorough documents on approaches to identification, evaluation, protection and repair of our historic fortifications.

The CDSG Board of Directors approved this plan with the goal of placing these valuable reference works with owners of coast defense sites, such as national parks, state parks, local parks, government agencies, private owners, and others to use these books to interpret and preserve these sites which are key goals of the CDSG.  Therefore the CDSG Press has offered up its remaining 50 copies of the 1st edition of the ASD and the CDSG Fund purchased 50 copies of the HFPH from the Washington State Parks.  This offer is limited to the 50 copies of these books on hand.

If you know of one or more institutions that would benefit from receiving a copy of American Seacoast Defenses and Historic Fortifications Preservation Handbook, please list the name and complete address of the institution (and the name of a contact person, if possible), and mail it to:  CDSG Press, C/O Terry McGovern, 1700 Oak Lane, McLean, VA 22101 or  The CDSG Fund will pay shipping costs.


I would like to donate a copy of American Seacoast Defenses and Historic Fortifications Preservation Guide to:

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CDSG Press reserve the right to review and reject this request to insure that the donate copy is being sent to a suitable organization and to insure that multiple copies are not going to the same group.  Requesting member is:

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Send requests to:                        Coast Defense Study Group, Inc.

1700 Oak Lane

McLean, Virginia 22101-3326 USA

Attn: Terry McGovern