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PDF List of all Harbor Defense Document files.
PDF List of all CDSG documents.

One of our original projects was to create a searchable database with information, maps, and pictures of the various locations that had defense structures. Sadly, that project never really got started. But, we have made some strides in collecting source information on the structures built for harbor defense. The CDSG now has digitized a fairly complete set of Engineer documents on the harbor defense structures of the United States Army. The data sets available have been broken down by the various harbor defenses in the list below so you can order sets of records by coast/harbor defense, or get the complete collection. This is a very good collection of historical information on the harbor defense structures: batteries, fire control, mine support, searchlights, etc., built at the various harbor locations.

If you wish to order a specific series of titles, list the file titles you want, contact Mark Berhow ( with your list of titles or if you have any questions and he will provide you with a estimate of how many CDs or DVDs your order will require. In general we are now selling sets by the DVD for $50 per DVD. Please note that by buying these DVDs you are supporting the effort of the CDSG to support this website and defray the cost of obtaining copies of these documents to scan.

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American Seacoast Defenses a Reference Guide, 3rd Edition

The third edition of American Seacoast Defenses, a Reference Guide (ASD3) is now available as BOTH hard cover print edition and an electronic PDF document. The third edition features updated and enhanced photographs throughout the book, with an extensive revision of the uniforms and [...]

Documents Specific to each Harbor Defense

PDF listing of all Harbor Defense Document files For summary list of files and pricing see table at the end of this section. Reports of Completed Works (RCWs) Reports of completed batteries (RCBs) and reports of completed works (RCWs) were forms used by the [...]

Annexes/Supplements to the Harbor Defense Projects

In the National Archives Record Group 407, Records of the Adjutant Generals Office, 1917-, Entry 366, are filed the various Harbor Defense Projects of the 1930s & 1940s. A Harbor Defense Project was a written document which described all existing and projected harbor defense [...]

Documents Arranged by Harbor Defense

Note in the table that: – means no files were available to be scanned, + means the total is added to the number directly above. Some of the smaller defenses have been combined (w/Harbor). PRICING: We provide this as a service to our members [...]

The CDSG Documents DVD

You can buy the DVD with everything or request specific titles: Please contact Mark Berhow ( for details A PDF file listing all the files available in the CDSG documents DVD can be downloaded here. Annual Reports of the Chief of Engineers (ARCE) 1866-1922: [...]

PDF documents available from other sources:

HISTORY OF THE 700 AND 800 SERIES CANTONMENT CONSTRUCTION CD ROM: WW 2 and the U.S. ARMY MOBILIZATION PROGRAM: A History of the 700 and 800 Series Cantonment Construction including Historic American Building Survey documentation for Camp Edwards,MA and Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. 552 pages, [...]

PDF files available on line from:

U.S. Army Military History Institute ( Several Army documents have been scanned and placed on line as downloadable PDF files.For example: Survey of Japanese Seacoast Artillery, 1946 by GHQ USAFPAC, Seacoast Artillery Board 160pp. The US Army Military History Institute has placed this valuable and [...]