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CDSG Membership Materials

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Seacoast Defense Fortification Preservation Manual Downloads

Historic Preservation Fortification Handbook (Washington State 2003)

Seacoast Fortifications Preservation Manual (Golden Gate Nat. Rec. Area, 1999)

PDF Download files

US Army Owned, Sponsored and Leased Facilities, 31 Dec 1945
Scan of original print of the 1915 War Department Board of Review report
PDF report — Experimental Firing at Type Seacoast Emplacement, Fort Morgan, AL, March 13 & 14, 1916 38 MB
PDF report – Test Firing Against Obsolete Battleship at Pensacola, 1920
Damage Tables Seacost Artillery Against Naval Vessels” 1942 (3.5 MB)
Manual for GE 25 Kw generator (Instruction book)

Special Corregidor photo collection ZIP file download Click link to go to photo download page

Nike Air Defense Manuals (provided by Cory Newman)

FM 44-8, Army Air Defense Command Posts, 1962, w/ change 1, 1964 (75 pp)

FM 44-10, Army Air Defense Fire Distribution Center AN-FSG-1(Missile Master), Feb 1963, 110 pp

Lists and other CDSG download pages

First, Second, and Third System fort list
List of Modern Era (1890-1945) Forts and Batteries (NEW revised January 2017)
List of Surviving American Seacoast Weapons. (revised 2014)
List of Army Technical Manual titles (TMs)
List of Army Field Manual titles (FMs)
List of Army Ordnance Department Document titles (ODDs)
PDF Coast Artillery 1920s era harbor defense map downloads (Directory page)
PDF documents on the Coast Artillery Corps (Directory page)

Bibliography of CDSG publications and other books on forts and harbor defense locations