CDSG Conferences, Tours and Events

  • April 25-27, 2018 Annual Conference Columbia River OR/WA, Mark Berhow, Chair (Click to download PDF info and Registration flyer) You can also register with a credit card payment at the CDSG Shop ( The 2018 CDSG Conference will be headquartered in Warrenton, Oregon, visiting the forts of the harbor defenses of the Columbia River: Forts Stevens, Canby, and Columbia.   The historical files are already posted on the CDSG website. They can be downloaded at any time (RCWs, maps, QM records, Project annexes & supplements, engineer notebook, aerial photos, battery correspondence files, and inspection reports).
  • August 11-19, 2018 CDSG & FSG Special Tour to Switzerland (Click to download PDF Flyer), Terry McGovern, Chair, Update 8/10/2017
  • February 2 – 12, 2019 CDSG Special Tour to Manila Bay, the Philippines, Andy Grant, Chair (Click to Download PDF Information Flyer) Updated Nov 4, 2017
  • 2019 CDSG Annual Conference Chesapeake Bay, VA, Terry McGovern, Chair

Other Meetings and Tour Calendar

 Please advise Terry McGovern of any additions or changes at

September 2018
Fortress Study Group Annual Conference
North West England
Alistar Graham Kerr,

September 14 – 18, 2018
Assn Saint-Maurice d’Etudes Militaries Tour
Berlin, Germany
Pascal Bruchez,

September 21 -23, 2018
Deutsche Gesellschaft Festungsforsh Annual Meeting
Andrea Theissen,

October 2018
International Fortress Council Annual Meeting
Czech Republic
Kees Neisingh,

May 2019
Fortress Study Group Overseas Tour
The Low Countries
Alistar Graham Kerr,

September 2019
Fortress Study Group Annual Conference

October 2019
International Fortress Council Annual Meeting
Kees Neisingh,