The Harbor Defenses of Key West

More info FORT TAYLOR /Key West / 1846-(1947) / state park, Naval Reservation / K
DeLeon/4/10″/DC/1904-1940/destroyed 1962
Covington/2/ 8″/DC/1904-1917/destroyed 1962
DeKalb/2/ 6″/P/1906-1917/destroyed 1950s
#231/2/ 6″/SBC/194? NA / status?
Gardiner/2/4.7″/A/1898-1913/destroyed 1962
Ford/2/ 3″/P/1906-1946/destroyed 1964
Dilworth/2/ 3″/MP/1901-1920/destroyed 1970s
Adair/4/ 3″/MP/1901-1920/
AMTB #5/2-90mm/F/1943-1946/1 empl. on Adair
unnamed/ 4-155 mm/ PM/ 1940-1942/ 2 guns to Miami Beach, destroyed

Other locations ?
#232/ 2-6″/ SBC/ 1944-1946/ east of Martello Tower, […]

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The Harbor Defenses of Tampa Bay

More info
FORT DADE / Egmont Key / 1899-(1928)/ state park (1989) / MD, MC /K
unnamed/2/ 8″/ Rod /1899-1900/guns to McIntosh, Mellon built over this battery
McIntosh/2/ 8″/ DC /1900-1923/damaged by surf
Howard/2/ 6″/ DC /190?-1926/damaged by surf erosion
Burchsted/2/ 6″/A/1899-1919/guns & carr. to Ft. DeSoto 1980, broken up in the gulf
&/1/ 3″/ MP /1904-1920/broken […]

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The Harbor Defenses of Pensacola

More info FORT PICKENS /Santa Rosa Island /1845-(1947)/ Gulf Islands National Seashore / MD, MC /KKKK
Worth/8/12″/M/1899-1942/4 guns removed 1918, HECP-HDCP 1943
Cullum/2/10″/DC/1898-1918/ modified for 2 – 3″ from Trueman 1942
Cooper/2/ 6″/DC/1906-1917/1 gun repl. 1976, (from West Point) SE
#234/2/ 6″/SBC/ 194? NA /2 guns repl. 1976 (from Ft. J. Custis) SE
Van Swearingen/2/4.7″/A/1898-1921/one gun & carr […]

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The Harbor Defenses of Mobile

More info FORT MORGAN /Mobile Point / 1833-(1928) /state park /MD, MC /KKKK
Test/1/10″/DC/1916-1918/mostly buried
Bowyer/4/ 8″/DC/1898-1918//
Schenck/2/ 3″/MP/1900-1923
&/1/ 3″/P/1900-1923
unnamed/2/155 mm/PM/1942-1944/1 covered

FORT GAINES /Dauphin Island / 1821-(1928) / county park /KKK
unnamed/2/ 8″/Rod/1898-1899/covered by Stanton #1
Stanton/3/ 6″/DC/1901-1928
Terrett/3/ 3″/MP/1901-1923

Other Temp sites /?
unnamed/2/155 mm/PM/ Pascagoula, MS

Mobile Bay, AL: 1921 Maps PDF (98K) 4 pages $0.20

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The Harbor Defenses of the Mississippi

More info FORT ST. PHILIP / north bank / 1843-(1928) 1943 / private /MD, MC / KKK?
unnamed/2/ 8″/Rod/1898-1899/gun tubes to Ransom, Jackson, 1 built over
Forse/2/ 8″/DC/1899-1918
Merrill/4/ 6″/P/1907-1920/later only 2 guns, 2 guns to Delaware R.
Scott/2/ 3″/MP/1901-1920
Brooke/2/ 3″ /MP/1904-1920

FORT JACKSON /south bank 1832-(1928) /parish park /KK
Ransom/2/ 8″/DC/1899-1918
Millar/2/ 3″/MP/1901-1920

Other Temp sites ?
unnamed/ 2-155 mm/ […]

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The Harbor Defenses of Galveston

More info FORT TRAVIS /Bolivar Point (-1947) / county park /KK
Kimble/2/12″/BCLR/1922-1943/guns to Moultrie
Davis/2/ 8″/DC/1900-1918/deteriorating
#236/2/ 6″/SBC/ 194? NA
Ernst/3/ 3″/MP/1900-1946/converted to 3-in P

FORT SAN JACINTO / Fort Point / (-1947) / Corps of Eng. prop /MD, MC /K
Mercer/8/12″/M/1898-1943/ partially buried in mud
Heileman/2/10″/DC/1899-1943/ 1 gun ARF, destroyed
#235/2/ 6″/SBC/1944-1946/ partially buried
Hogan/2/ 4.7″/A/1898-1917/ partially destroyed
Croghan/2/ 3″/MP/1911-1946/ converted to […]

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