The third edition of American Seacoast Defenses, a Reference Guide (ASD3) is now available as BOTH hard cover print edition and an electronic PDF document. The third edition features updated and enhanced photographs throughout the book, with an extensive revision of the uniforms and insignia sections. The electronic version makes it great for searching and viewing sections with a great zoom for looking at details. Pages or sections can be printed as needed. The file format is PDF, not an ePub format, so a reader that is compatible with adobe acrobat is required.

The CDSG ePress is offering BOTH the hard cover printed edition and the electronic version for $45. To order please contact Mark Berhow at or send a check or money order to him. Once he receives your order he will send you the file electronically by FTP transfer.

Mark Berhow
CDSG ePress
PO Box 6124
Peoria, IL 61601