Aerial Photograph Collection of Harbor Defense Forts

A number of aerial photographs of the various harbor defense installations were taken by the Signal Corps from 1920s to the beginning of World War II. The collection includes photo sets of the following defenses: Baltimore (16 photos), Boston (74 photos), Canal Zone (29 photos), Charleston (14 photos), Chesapeake Bay (60 photos), Delaware Bay (21 photos), Eastern New York (28 photos), Galveston (3 photos), The Great Lakes (12 photos), Key West (4 photos), Long Island Sound (37 photos), Los Angeles (7 photos), Narragansett Bay (16 photos), NE Florida (4 photos), Oahu (53 photos), Pensacola (7 photos), The Phillipines (30 photos), Portland (29 photos), Puget Sound (9 photos), San Diego (7 photos), San Francisco (38 photos), Sandy Hook & Rockaway (12 photos), Savannah (11 photos), Southern New York (75 photos), and a series of photos taken for the Western Defense Command (San Diego (2 photos), Los Angeles (5 photos), San Francisco (56 photos), Columbia River (36 photos), Puget Sound (85 photos). Each set has anywhere from a few shots to over a dozen shots of the various forts. The CDSG ePress has a series of JPEG files that have been copied from the National Archives.