Coast Defense Study Group

Our CDSG Reps are the key link between the CDSG and the many historical coast defense site owners.

The CDSG Representative program is a very important function of our organization. Local CDSG reps reach out to the site owners to provide historical information and to help determine how the CDSG can support their site with funds, projects, publicity, etc.

Exactly what the heck is a CDSG Representative, and what are you supposed to do?

What we would like you to do initially is visit your sites at least twice a year. In addition, we would like you to fill out a Site Visit Report. Please get as much information as possible. If we left out something you feel is important on the form, please add it in any manner you feel appropriate. Please fill out one form for each site, and new form for each visit. The idea is that we would like you to update this information over time as things change: sites are altered, structures are removed or restored, new sites managers come on board, events are held at the site, and any other stuff you feel important. You get the idea, a survey of things you feel are important about your site. When you have completed the form send it to me and your information will be put into a database.

Once you have done your first site visit and report, you can claim your reward.

A free copy of either the CDSG CD ROM or a copy of “American Seacoast Defenses a Reference Guide.” It is our hope that either of these gifts will be of use to you when you visit your sites in the future.

Your second mission is to show the flag for the CDSG.

We would like you to introduce the CDSG to the people at your site. Be sure to tell them about the CDSG publications, show them some examples if they are interested, and tell them about the CDSG web site.

As most every park and historic site is invariability short on funds, one of your most useful “levers” would be to make the site management aware that the CDSG may have funds available for projects at their site. Obviously, only the CDSG Board can make any commitment of funds, but you can help them prepare a proposal.

We also have a package of material for you to use in the course of your visits to your respective sites. There are copies of the CDSG membership brochures, the CDSG poster, CDSG Press offerings, and some samples of the CDSG Journal that you can distribute to interested parties. You may make as many copies of these items as you want, but we only have a few extra copies of the Journal, so distribute those with discretion.

Also enclosed is a copy of the CDSG Repayment Voucher sheet. The CDSG does not expect you to you to spend your own funds on this volunteer effort. All reasonable expenses will be reimbursed by the CDSG. Terry McGovern is the guy with the checkbook.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or problems with any of this, let me know, nothing is written in stone here and if something doesn’t work for you let me know.

What is important is that you keep a continuous flow of information about your sites coming in to the CDSG. We think this will help both the sites and our membership.