CDSG Site Representatives Tasks & Duties

Coast Defense Study Group

  1. Collect and maintain static information about the site. Please see the static information guidelines below.
  2. Visit the site and/or contact the owner and/or manager occasionally. For a park that includes a preserved fortification, please visit or contact at least once a year.
  3. Ensure that the site owner and/or manager know that you are the conduit for information about the site to and from the CDSG, and that CDSG will support preservation and interpretation of the site, both with advice and possible funding from the CDSG Fund. Instructions for submitting grant requests are at (CDSG Fund website page)
  4. Request permission to post a CDSG poster at the site, and/or leave some CDSG member brochures at the site. Posters and brochures are available at (CDSG downloads).
  5. Be alert for the opportunity to assist the site with the preparation of meaningful interpretive signs.
  6. After a visit, write a site visit report. Please see the report guidelines below.

Site Static Information Guidelines

Site static information can include:

  • Name of site, both the former US Army name and current name.
  • Type of site or structure, e.g., fort, fire control site, etc.
  • Era, e.g., Endicott, WW2, etc.
  • Condition, e.g., restored, abandoned, destroyed, repurposed, etc.
  • A site may have an owner, a manager, and a friends group.  For each of these, collect names and contact information, and website URL.  Determine if any information is confidential and not to be made public.
  • Access arrangements.  Determine if this information is confidential and not to be made public.

Do not repeat information that is readily available on a website.  For example, for a state park, when it is open, directions, fees, and calendar of future events normally are readily available on the park’s website.

Send the public static information to the regional coordinator and to  “”  Retain confidential or private information for your own use.

Site Visit Report Guidelines

Site visit reports can be published in the CDSG Newsletter and/or posted on the CDSG website, or not published at all.  A simple narrative is sufficient.  Please use format and media in accordance with the CDSG publication policy.

Information that might be included in a site visit report:

  • Summary of static information (name of site, location, type of fortification).
  • When visited and who you contacted at the site.
  • What you saw and conditions.
  • Was your visit a special or public event?  Is it a recurring event?

Do not include any information that should not be published, such as private telephone numbers or email addresses.  Include only contact information that is public information.  Keep any private information for your own use.

Indicate if you want the report published in the Newsletter, and/or posted on the website, or not published at all.  Send reports to the regional coordinator and to (email link) “”