• 6-inch gun at Battery Gunnison, Fort Hancock, NJ, restored and manned by volunteers of the American Ground Forces Association
  • Fort Point, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California
  • Fire control tower at Fort Mott State Park, NJ
  • 12-inch mortar at Battery Craighill, Fort Hughes, the Philippines
  • Firing the 3-inch guns of Battery Irwin, Fort Monroe, VA, 1920s
  • Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, MA
  • 15-inch Rodman smoothbore, Fort Pickens, FL
  • Battery Crockett, Corregidor Island, the Philippines
  • The Advanced Redoubt at Fort Barrancas, FL
  • Firing the 12-inch mortars of Battery Anderson, Fort Monroe, VA, 1920s
  • The ruins of Battery Geary, Corregidor Island, the Philippines
  • Battery Langdon, Fort Pickens, FL
  • Fort Delaware, Delaware City, DE
  • Fort Baker, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California
  • Fort Michie, NY
    Fort Michie, Great Gull Island, NY
  • Fort Trumbull, CT
    Restored casemate at Fort Trumbull State Park, CT
  • Fort Worden, WA
    Firing the 10-inch Guns of Battery Benson, Fort Worden, WA, 1930s
  • Fort DeSoto, FL
    12-inch mortars at Fort DeSoto County Park, FL
  • fort chamberlin
    6-inch gun at Battery Chamberlin, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, CA
  • Fort Morgan, AL
    Fort Morgan State Park, AL
  • Fort Columbia State Park, Washington State
  • Fort Casey, WA
    One of the 10 inch guns of Battery Worth, Fort Casey State Park, WA
  • Firing a 12 inch gun on M1917 barbette mount at Battery Kingman, Fort Hancock in the 1920s
  • fort adams
    Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI
  • 16-inch gun
    16-inch gun on proof mount, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD
  • Farley Bar in restored barracks at Fort Baker, California
  • 14 inch gun of Battery Gillespie, Fort Hughes, the Philippines


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