The CDSG is a non-profit corporation formed to promote the study of coast defenses and fortifications, primarily those of the United States of America; their history, architecture, technology, and strategic and tactical employment.

The primary goals of the CDSG are:

  • Promotion of educational study, technical research, and accurate documentation of seacoast defense history
  • Preservation of seacoast defense sites, equipment, and records for current and future generations.
  • Assisting organizations with the preservation and interpretation of seacoast defense historical sites.
  • Contributing towards charitable activities which promote the goals of the CDSG

A yearly Membership in the CDSG includes four issues of the organization’s two publications: the Coast Defense Journal and the CDSG Newsletter.

Membership also allows you to attend CDSG Annual Conferences and Special Tours.

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CDSG Conferences, Tours and Events

  • April 25-27, 2018- Annual Conference Columbia River OR/WA, Mark Berhow, Chair
  • August 11-19, 2018- CDSG Special Tour to Switzerland, Terry McGovern, Chair
  • 2019 CDSG Annual Conference Chesapeake Bay, VA, Terry McGovern, Chair
  • 2019 CDSG Special Tour to Manila Bay, the Philippines, Andy Grant, Chair

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